We’ve just published the first – and hopefully first of many – ‘vignettes’ based on the best of the photos we work on. The image is a classic Aussie surf shot from the sixties: seven lads and an overladen beach buggy on their way back from Double Island Point in southern Queensland. Leopard print seats and mals hanging out the back. They used to hide the buggy in the dunes and bury the carburettor and starter motor in the sand to foil would-be thieves and joyriders. But that buggy didn’t survive an ill-fated race against a rising tide and its wreck remains to this day somewhere under the sands of Rainbow Beach. Read about it here.

A big thank you to Graham Willett and friends for sharing your reminiscences and Nicola Saltman at The Good Type for crafting the tale. It’s a thrill to have this published.

I also want to thank Sastra Manurung for his expert tinkering with the code on this site to get these new pages and navigation up and running.