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Photo Restoration Specialists

Flashback Photo Co specialises in digital photo restoration, retouching and photo editing, document restoration, and archival printing. We bring to every project a mix of technical know-how and artistry, achieving excellent results with all kinds of degraded images.

Our service is available everywhere. To get started, all we need is a scan of your image.

Photo restoration is a labour-intensive craft – we work with a maximum of three images per order.

Get a quote

For a quick response quote, use your phone to take a snapshot of your photo and send by SMS to 0468 908 606.

Our services

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Photo Restoration

Recovery of faded, stained, scratched, torn and insect damaged photos. If the faces are recognisable, we can fix it.
See more of our photo restoration work.

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Image Upscaling

Enlargement and adding detail to blurry and pixellated photos. We can also make big improvements to out of focus snapshots taken with mobile phones.
See more of our photo enlargement and upscaling work.

black and white photo before colourisationblack and white photo after colourisation

Black and White Photo Colourisation

Amazingly true-to-life renditions of black and white images. See more of our photo colourisation work.

Photo retouching beforePhoto retouching after

Retouching and Photo Editing

Perfect wedding, glamour and corporate photos. See more of our photo retouching and editing work.

document restoration beforeDocument restoration after

Document Restoration

Digital restoration of old maps, plans, certificates, posters and artwork on paper. See more of our document restoration work.

Archival photo printing

Archival Printing

We make beautiful prints using the best acid-free papers and fade-proof inks. Learn more about our fine art printing service.

How it works


SMS a snapshot of your photo to
0468 908 606 or email [email protected].

Use your home scanner

Scan at 600dpi using the highest quality settings. Then email the file to
[email protected].

Or scan at Officeworks

Go to the print desk and ask for a scan at the highest quality setting at 600dpi. Then email the file to us.


We get to work on your photo. The process usually takes 3-4 days, but we can rush through urgent jobs.


We send you a preview by email and make any changes requested, to get it just right.


On approval we’ll send the invoice, payable by bank deposit or secure online credit card payment.

Digital file / prints

We send the high resolution digital file on payment, and dispatch prints within five business days, if ordered.

Photo restoration pricing guide

The price includes the restoration and high resolution digital file for printing and sharing. Ask us about discounts for multiple images.

Pricing info and examples.

For an additional fee we can post prints of the finished image.

Basic Restoration

  • Recovery of lightly creased, scratched, faded, stained photos. Basic colour restoration.

Standard Restoration

  • Recovery of creased, scratched, faded, stained photos. Colour restoration of faded images. Colourisation of black and white portraits.

Advanced Restoration

  • For very degraded images: heavily creased, scratched and stained photos. Or two Standard tasks such as restoration and colourisation.

Extreme Restoration

  • For extremely degraded images needing hours and hours of careful editing and photo-realistic painting to recover lost detail and colour.

Guaranteed Results

We don’t send the invoice if you’re not happy with the results.

Our customers say

old photo restoration beforeold photo restoration after

“Thank you, you’ve brought tears to my eyes, so many happy precious memories I can share with the rest of the family. I received the hard copy prints yesterday. Just perfect, thank you so much.”

Andrea, Sydney NSW

old portrait of Scottish lass before restorationold portrait of Scottish lass after restoration

“This work is extraordinary! Especially the Scottish girl – our grandmother! I didn’t think she would be able to be revived. Thank you so much James – you’ve enabled our ancestors to emerge from the mists of time!”

Sue J, Cootamundra, NSW

“James is extremely talented, meticulous and pleasant to work with. He will go the extra mile to get the colours and detail of his work just right – until it’s perfect. He has restored and colourised three damaged old black and white photos of my mother at various stages of her youth for me. My Mum says she cannot take her eyes off them and the photos make her feel young again. These magnificent photos will be handed down through future generations. Thank you so much for bringing these photos to life. Your work is stunning.”

Anne T, Brisbane QLD

“Absolutely a quality service with an incredible job completed restoring a very old and damaged photograph. If you have a photo to be repaired Flashback Photo is your go-to for customer service and quality, which is second to none. No matter where you are in Australia, do not look anywhere else.”

Leanne M, Adelaide, SA

Recent photo restoration highlight

creased photo before

An old portrait from Cuba revived. We were able to retain the heavy texture and the hand-coloured look of the original.

Our customer’s response?
“I never thought we’d see the full image again.
My family absolutely loved the photo.”