Torn and cracked photo restoration

Old photos were typically mounted on thick card and are susceptible to cracking; some photos are torn apart for whatever reason. We can seamlessly piece the image back together and make a new print on a paper to suit the look and feel of the original photo.

Cracked and sellotaped photo recovered with a transplant from another portrait of the groom.

Reference image.

This antique photo was a severe case of the type of cracking common with convex-mounted photographs from around the 1920s through to the 1940s. We completely repainted the image, and were able to retain an authentic hand-coloured feel.

A torn and roughly stapled wedding photo put right again.

Piecing together two halves, sellotape removal.

Hand-painted photo on ceramic plate.

This photo had been wrapped around a convex backing and was badly cracked.

Crack removed and cloning of one eye to reconstruct the other one.

A cracked family portrait needing careful attention to recover damaged faces.

Two halves brought together.

Two halves brought together.

Can a sun faded photo be restored?

Photos that have hung on the wall for years will obviously fade over time – so too will photos frequently viewed.  Either way, there comes a point when you will want to bring those photos back to life by getting rid of those washed out, faded colours.  A photo restorer can adjust the light in a sun-damaged photo to give the picture a realistic look again.  Old photo restoration can not only correct the colour, it can eliminate blurry lines, doctor backdrops, remove unwanted elements and colourise black and white photos.  They can even repair colorized old photos.  In fact any element of a picture you don’t like can be removed or enhanced.  All of this is done without damaging your original photo.  To work their magic, photo artisans first digitise your photo then use photo software to adjust the photo to bring it back to life.  If you are looking for photo restoration Sydney, then you will be wanting our talented photo restorers to renovate your photos.

Can you get an old photo restored?

Any old photo can be restored.  This means pictures which have faded or discoloured over time can be restored to their original condition.  Not only that, photos with tears, lost pieces, cracking, water damage or sun damage can also be restored.  In fact, when it comes to old photo restorations, we can do virtually anything.  To start the process the original photo is scanned into proprietary image editing software.  From there the photo is manipulated to repair the damage and enhance the image.  This will include filling in missing pieces, fixing the background or anything else the image requires.  Sometimes photo restoration means we need to remove backgrounds and replace them with more crisp images.  You can even put a completely new background.  All this while keeping your original photo safe.  To restore old photos, it is important to find a photo technician who is experienced as well as being a talented artisan.  When you search for photo restoration near me, make sure you only entrust your photos to the Flashback Photo Co team who have a proven track record.

Why do old photos crack and can they be restored?

Photos react to their environment.  Photo cracking is usually caused by constant changes in temperature and humidity.  Both high temperatures and low temperatures combined with humidity causes cracking.  Sometimes this may cause the image (emulsion) to completely separate from the photo paper, requiring a restoration.   Repairing the cracks and other photo issues is done through photo editing.  When editing, a technician will repair damaged parts of the photo.  They can remove the background, remove unwanted objects, adjust colour and replace missing pieces.  Old photo restoration is more of an artform than anything else.  When your photo needs repairing a digital image of your original photo is made.  Then the artisan corrects the photo and ‘remakes’ missing  parts to create a beautiful repaired image.  Always ensure you get an experienced photo restorer to work on your precious photos.