Missing area recovery

We can recover missing areas in photos by cloning or mirroring parts of the same image, painting in new detail, or seamlessly splicing in parts from other photos.

Examples of our work

Hover your mouse or swipe over the image to compare before and after.

Reconstruction of delaminated areas.

Right boot painted in to match the left.

Mould and water damage recovery.

Adhesion mark removed.

Cracked and sellotaped photo recovered with a transplant from another portrait of the groom.

Reference photo.

Hand from another photo seamlessly spliced in.

Missing feet grafted in from another photo.

Missing detail painted in

Extension using elements of a photo
of a similar motorbike.

A dramatic recovery achieved by mirroring the other side of the face, and splicing in a part of a similar tweed jacket from another photo.

Recovery of silverfish damage.

New nose painted in with reference to another photo.

Parts of face painted in to perfectly match existing image.

Image extended to the left.

Hair and missing area recovered, creases removed.

Elements of a second image used to reconstruct missing areas.

Cloning to reconstruct background.