Early 20th Century Photo Restoration

Photos from the early 20th century suffer patterns of damage similar to photos from the last decades of the nineteenth century: fading, silverfish damage, staining and cracking. With the advent of the silver-gelatin print during these years, we also see more ‘silver-mirroring’, the oxidisation of the silver in dark areas in a photograph which gives some old photos a ghostly appearance.

Photographs from the Edwardian era (1901-1910) are real treasures to work with – the images are beautifully composed studio portraits, the costumes often extravagant, and the mood lighter than Victorian era photos.

We can fully restore your early 20th century photo and reprint on a paper to match the look and feel of the original.

Examples of our early 20th century photo restoration work

Hover your mouse or swipe over the image to compare before and after.

mouldy photo restoration beforemouldy photo restoration after

Mould and water damage.

Removal of moderate silvering and tonal correction.

Black and white photo colourisation beforeBlack and white photo colourisation after

Insect damage recovery and colourisation.

Severe stain removal.

Removal of fine scratches, tonal correction.

Moderate silver mirroring and insect damage.

insect damaged photo restoration beforeinsect damaged photo restoration after

Insect damage.

silver mirroring restoration beforesilver mirroring restoration after

Severe silver mirroring.

Depth recovery, heavy scratch removal.

Tonal correction and blemish removal.

cracked photo restoration beforecracked photo restoration after

Another photo of groom superimposed over damaged area.

Missing parts of face painted in.

Silver mirroring.

Missing area recovery.

Two halves merged.

Missing eye cloned, general blemish removal.

Recovery of severely damaged school photo.

General clean up.