Wedding Photo Restoration

We scan original photos and documents, and undertake careful restoration work to bring them back to life. You’ll receive a new high resolution digital file to view on screen, make prints, and share among family and friends. We can also print and post the restored image to you.

Prices range from $80 for basic jobs to $200 plus for images requiring major restoration and reconstruction. We’ll provide an upfront estimate to restore your photo based on the amount of work that needs to be done.

Quality Guarantee: Restoration work is free if you are not completely happy with the result.

Examples of our work

Hover your mouse or swipe over the image to compare before and after.

Clean up and depth recovery.

Green cast corrected.

Basic restoration.

Yellow colour cast and torn spot removed.

A torn and roughly stapled photo set straight again.

Fine surface cracks removed, colours restored.

Heavy damage repaired, background replaced.

Surface damage and paper texture removed, colours restored.

Surface damage and paper texture removed, colours restored.

silver mirroring restoration beforesilver mirroring restoration after

Recovery of oxidised areas (silver mirroring).

Crease removal and tonal correction.

Creases removed.

Heavily delaminated areas painted over. Shoes borrowed from another photo.

Missing area recovered.
Other examples.

cracked photo restoration beforecracked photo restoration after

Cracked and torn photos.
Other examples.

Heavy crease recovery.
Other examples.

Detail and depth added to low quality image.

Colour correction and glass removal.
Other examples.

Magenta cast corrected, soft focus halo reduced.

Yellow colour cast removed.