Restoration Pricing Guide

Examples of our restoration pricing categories are shown below. Prices are in Australian dollars.
For a quote, SMS a snapshot to 0468 908 606, or email [email protected].

Basic Photo Restoration

Recovery of lightly creased, scratched, faded, stained photos.

$80 per image

Colour correction and light blemish removal.

Colour correction, spot and light stain removal.

Tonal correction, removal of silver mirroring.

Blemish removal and reduction of stipple texture.

Blemish removal.

Colour / tonal correction, spot removal.

Insect damage removed, silver mirroring removed, tonal correction.

Standard Photo Restoration

Recovery of creased, scratched, faded, delaminated, stained photos.
Colour restoration of faded colour images. Colourisation of black and white portraits.

$160 per image

Recover insect damaged areas, tonal correction.

Colourise black and white photo.

Reconstruct missing area, stain removal, tonal correction.

Piece together halves, crease removal, tonal correction.

Stain removal and colour correction.

Complex colour correction of faded area, match with outer area.

Colour and tonal restoration to match area protected by mat.

Square corners, remove crack and blemishes.

Remove figure, scratch removal, crop, tonal correction.

faded photo restoration beforefaded photo restoration after

Complex colour restoration of typically faded Pixi Foto, new sunset spliced in.

Advanced Photo Restoration

Recovery of heavily creased, scratched, faded, delaminated and stained photos, and colourisation of complex black and white and faded colour photos, or two standard tasks, e.g. moderate stain and crease removal, and colourisation.

$240 per image

Heavy creasing removed. Two halves aligned. Facial sharpening.

Remove insect damage, colourise (two standard procedures).

Severe delamination painted out. Graft in shoes from another photo.

Severe creasing painted out.

Mirror other side of face and graft in shoulder of similar jacket.

Nose painted in, severe stains removed.

Replace shirt and background, clean mould from face.

Missing areas painted in, colour restoration.

Insect damage and oxidised spots removed. Repainting missing areas.

Stuck glass, adhesion marks and mould removal.

Remove background, repair tears, recreate missing sections.

Extremely faded image recovery.

Complex glass removal.

Extreme Photo Restoration

Severely degraded photos and documents needing hours and hours of photo-realistic painting to recreate lost detail.

$320+ per image

Fix corners, spot removal, tonal correction.

Heavily creased image recovery.

mouldy photo restoration beforemouldy photo restoration after

Heavy mould and mildew removal.

Degraded image recovery.

Comprehensive repainting.

Detailed repainting to recover water-damaged areas, plus colour restoration.

Crack painted out, corner recovered, depth and detail restored.

document restoration beforeDocument restoration after

Detailed repainting.

Severe delamination, creasing and stains removed, painting in new detail.

Very damaged photocopy of an old photo completely reworked.