How Do You Colorize A Photo?

Photo colourisation and editing requires a professional skill set.  Each photo retouch or photo colourisation edit is unique, as is the amount of time it takes to complete.  As such, it is hard to put a general cost on colourisation.  It takes a lot of expertise to seamlessly colourise a photo.  To start with, the correct colours need to be selected.  You need to make sure you don’t give your blue-eyed grandmother, brown eyes. 

Very old wedding photos can be challenging, as those with memories of the day might be gone.  Sometimes families still have an old wedding bouquet with ribbons which point to the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses.  These clues help to make the colourisation more accurate.  Bringing to life such a photo really enlivens family history, as you can imagine, this work can take many hours.  Old colour photos from the 70s, 80s and 90s can be retouched. These can often be discoloured from age or the colour techniques used at that time of printing.  Such photos can be colour corrected to remove yellowing, red bloom and green tinges.   Other photo retouching can include colour correction of over exposed photos, reducing the light and correcting the colour to natural tones.  

Can A Damaged Photo Be Restored? 

One of the delights of life is finding that your old damaged or discoloured photos can be repaired and restored by photo retouching services.  Photos are not damaged during the editing process.  The photos are scanned and edited using a proprietary software.  Photo editing can repair cracks and tears on old family photos.  Many times, an old precious photo has been carried around in a wallet and loved.  But this can create creases and cracks in the photo which damage the image.  On occasion, for whatever reason, a photo is folded to ‘eliminate’ a person.  Photo retouching, restoration and photo editing can remove unwanted people and objects from old photos.  Photo editing can remove that unwanted piece of hair off your face in your favourite wedding photo.  Photo editing can also tone up your arms and neck to appear thinner.  Photo colourisation can turn that old black and white wedding photo into a beautiful colour photo.  Sometimes photos get water damaged.  These precious photos can be repaired to a new condition. Whether it’s just to retouch portraits or a complete restoration of a damaged photos, your original prints won’t be ruined. 

How Can I Edit Old Photos?

Editing photos requires proprietary software such as Photoshop Creative Cloud.  The first step is to digitise the original photo.  This means the original photo is not damaged during photo retouching services.  Photo editing of old photos can achieve a number of desired outcomes.  You can remove that half body from the side of a special photo.  You can remove backgrounds – such as changing the picture of you outside a tent in a busy campground.  Instead you can place the tent on a beautiful tropical beach, or simply remove the other tents and retouch the background.   It is truly amazing what image editing can do to a picture, from photo colourisation to removal of unwanted people.  Talk to our professional photo editors about what is possible with your precious old photos.

Mirage III RAAF fighter training unit, 1966

46th Battalion, Western Front

“James is extremely talented, meticulous and very easy, patient and pleasant to work with. He will go the extra mile to get the colours and detail of his work just right – until it’s perfect. He has restored and colourised three damaged old black and white photos of my mother at various stages of her youth for me. My Mum says she cannot take her eyes off them and the photos make her feel young again. These magnificent photos will be handed down through future generations.  Thank you so much James for bringing these photos to life. The work is stunning.”

Anne T, Brisbane QLD